The following endorsements are made by Joseph C. Abraham, Founder of The Urban Voice and President of Unrelenting Media, Inc. and are valid for the 2020 Primary Election in Clark County, Nevada.  Should you have any questions, comments, or concerns about the endorsements made here you may reach me at (702) 306-2394.




President and Vice President

Joe Biden/Kamala Harris — D





Congressional District 1

Dina Titus — D


Congressional District 3

Susie Lee — D


Congressional District 4

Steven Horsford — D




State Senate


Senate District 4

Dina Neal — D


Senate District 11

Dallas Harris — D



State Assembly


Assembly District 2

Radhika “RPK” Kunnel — D


Assembly District 4

Connie Munk — D


Assembly District 5

Brittney Miller — D


Assembly District 6

Shondra Summers-Armstrong — D


Assembly District 7

Cameron “C.H.” Miller — D


Assembly District 8

Jason Frierson — D


Assembly District 9

Steve Yeager — D


Assembly District 10

Rochelle Nguyen — D


Assembly District 11

Beatrice A. Duran — D


Assembly District 15

Howard Watts — D


Assembly District 16

Cecelia Gonzalez — D

Assembly District 17

Clara “Claire” Thomas — D


Assembly District 21

Elaine Marzola — D


Assembly District 28

Edgar Flores — D


Assembly District 34

Shannon Bilbray-Axelrod — D


Assembly District 35

Michelle Gorelow — D


Assembly District 37

Shea Backus — D


Assembly District 42

Alexander Assefa — D





State Board of Education


District 4

Rene Cantu - D




County Commission


District A

Michael Naft (I) — D


District B

Marilyn Kirkpatrick — D


District D

William McCurdy, II — D



Clark County School District


District B

Jeff Proffitt


District C

Tameka Henry





State Level


Supreme Court Justice | Seat D

Ozzie Fumo


Court of Appeals Judge 3

Bonnie Bulla 


District Court


Department 1

Bita “Marie” Yeager


Department 2

Carli Lynn Kierny


Department 3

Monica Trujillo


Department 4

Phil Aurbach


Department 8

Trevor Atkin


Department 17

Michael Villani


Department 21

Jacob Reynolds


Department 23

Jasmin Lilly-Spells


Department 24

Dan Gilliam


Department 29

David Lopez-Negrete

Department 32

Rob Bare 


Family Court


Division J

Dedree “Dee” Butler


Division P

Mary Perry


Division W

Adriana Rincon White


Division X

Heidi Almase


Division Z

Romeo Perez


Justice of the Peace


North Las Vegas Department 3

Belinda T. “BTH” Harris

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